Hospitality Courses

COVID-19 has turned the hospitality industry on it's head! Cafes and restaurants have had to quickly adapt to government restrictions imposed to ensure the safety of the public. This has meant a new way of doing things long term for some, and opened new doors for others including delivery and take away options.

The foundation of the hospitality industry has always been built on customer service, which comprises food and beverage services and accommodation services. Going forward, a bigger focus will be placed on cleaning and hygiene protocols including social distancing. Even despite the 2020 pandemic, hospitality is part of the fastest growing global industry, Travel and Tourism. The industry as a whole is estimated to account for more than 631,000 jobs by 2028, and therefore offers solid career opportunities for success.

Sources: Bank West Hospitality Report 2019 & WTTC 2018 Report

Businesses that comprise the food and beverage segment include exclusive restaurants, fast food dining, caterers, clubs and club management, food processing, retail and distribution. Moreover, the food and beverage category can exist within other commercial establishments such as movie theatres, planes and trains, hotels and shopping malls. Food and beverage complements a wide array of commercial trade and dramatically enhances the total satisfaction of a guest experience through first-class customer service and excellent food and drink.

Hotels, bed and breakfast ventures and other types of lodging comprise the accommodation segment. These can range from five-star hotels, exclusive resorts and luxury escapes to campgrounds and youth hostels. Hospitality students gain knowledge about technical skills and operations within the industry, learning about housekeeping, culinary skills and communication, to name a few. Through a combination of vocational (on the job work placement) and online theory study you learn about the relationships between consumers and the providers of hospitality services.


A hospitality focused course helps you develop both technical and communication skills, broadening your job prospects. For further information on careers in the tourism and hospitality sector click here. Available hospitality positions in the Macarthur and Wollondilly areas can be seen on our jobs board.




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