SC002 - Organising Events

Training Plan
Organising Events Apply

This online course will introduce you to the dynamic events industry. It gives you the tools to plan and manage various event types.

What the course covers:
* Planning the event
* Resources and set-up
* Options and ideas for event concept, theme and format
* Operational and service practicality
* Present proposal
* Facilitate effective event planning
* Issue event orders and prepare and distribute operational documentation
* Prepare invoices and obtain feedback

Payment Plan
Payment Amount Paid By Upfront
Enrolment $99.00 Participant Yes
Note: All payments are represented in Australian dollars

Study at your own pace over 6 months.

Qualification Requirements

Upon successful completion of this course you will be emailed your electronic certificate.

Assessment Requirements

After each section there are short answer questions to complete and submit.

Delivery Mode

Online via an interactive e-learning platform. We also support you via email, phone and zoom throughout your studies.

Materials or Equipment Required

A computer or device with internet connection.


If you use a gmail or hotmail account, please check your spam folder for enrolment confirmation and other correspondence from us.

Downloads Language, Literacy & Numeracy (for International students only)
Student Handbook
Schedule of Fees & Charges
Privacy Policy
Units of Competence
EVT.001 Planning the event Core
EVT.002 Resources and set-up Core
EVT.003 Organising events Core
EVT.004 Operational and service practicality Core
EVT.005 Present proposal Core
EVT.006 Facilitate effective event planning Core
EVT.007 Issue event orders and prepare and distribute operational documentation Core
EVT.008 Prepare invoices and obtain feedback Core

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