Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

RPLWhat are the benefits of recognition for you?

  • You will have your skills recognised
  • It increases your professional credibility
  • It saves you time in achieving a qualification as you do not have to repeat learning for skills and knowledge you already have
  • It reduces time spent to gain a qualification by not undertaking unnecessary training
  • It enables you to identify gaps in your knowledge and skills and therefore any learning that needs to occur to meet the requirements of a particular job role or qualification
  • It reduces your costs to obtain a qualification 

How does the RPL process work?

The first step: Complete your free SKILLS ASSESSMENT

The second step: You will be sent feedback on your assessment. If you are a suitable candidate for RPL, you will be offered Part A of our RPL kit.

The kit includes:
Part A: a self-assessment tool  where you list all units to be considered for RPL. All work history, previous training and qualifications, and your resume should be attached. It also includes a third party report, which will list practical units observed by an industry expert (independent referee or your assessor);

If the self-assessment tool shows that RPL is unlikely, you will be offered an individual training plan.

The third step: 

Part B: a practical observation report, which maps the elements observed when undertaking each practical task within each unit of competency.  A verbal knowledge assessment (face-to-face/phone/video call) would follow to complete the second step.

This step is completed by your Assessor.

The fourth step: Once your evidence has been reviewed and if it is established that competency has been met in all units*, the enrolment process would take place.

*If it is determined that gaps exist in your skills, you will be notified and offered training in that area.

The fifth step: You are issued with a nationally recognised qualification.

To see a visual flow chart of the recognition process click here. Further information on the process is detailed in our handbook.

Contact us to discuss your options, as practical assessment requirements will vary between qualifications.

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