Short Courses

Eco-friendly Barista Essentials

Offered by the Macarthur Centre for Sustainable Living, this course teaches you the skills required to be a great barista with a twist.

Intro to Event Planning

This course will introduce you to the dynamic events industry - the course is aimed at giving you a sample of what study in the field includes.

Tourism Industry Taster

This course will introduce you to the industry and give you a taste of the training required, as well as highlight the career opportunities ahead.

Marketing Biz Basics

This course has been designed to give you the tools and knowledge to learn how to make your event POP on social media.

Customer Service Skills for the International Market

Whether you want to be a travel agent, event planner or cruise ship attendant, this online course teaches you how to provide exceptional service to your customers through an interactive e-learning platform.

Event Planning for Personal Assistants

This courses is aimed at (but is not limited to) personal assistants that regularly organise events in their workplace.

Wedding Planning and Design

Do you love weddings and see yourself working in the events industry or are you planning your own wedding? This is the must do course for you.

Event Staging Essentials

Do you love festivals and see yourself working in the events industry? This course will empower you with new skills to work staging a range of events.

Use Computerised Reservation Systems (Sabre Personal Trainer)

Increase your employability - learn the reservations system 435,000 travel agents worldwise use.

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